Friday, June 10, 2011

True Love will Never Die. A Story of Hope

Yesterday morning, very early, sun was shining and I was in a very beautiful field of lush trees with leaves of intense and lively colors, some were adorned with flowers and others with fruits. Birds were fluttering around and colorful butterflies seemed like little cherubs. What a beautiful place! One could breath peace and tranquility. A small brook nearby, seemed to sing and talk. The field was wide, green and wonderful.
I closed my eyes thanking God for this wonderful gift.

It was just for a moment, then, a very strong noise as roar, as thunder, forced me to open the eyes. The sky was cloudy, the clear blue, the luminous day had turned, somber, dark and dreadful, with whirlwinds loaded with stones
-big, gigantic, as furious demons, who were roaring in such a way, that my bones were trembling.

I saw how those beautiful trees were uprooted, the brook dried and the green fields, became as open wound, as dry skin, while the birds and butterflies, also disappeared.
In a twinkle of the eyes, those evil winds -because there was no other explanation, destroyed everything. I closed my eyes again and asked God: “Please, stop this curse, what is the reason of so much destruction?”

I opened the eyes again and all that beauty was gone. It was as, the one moment love to the beloved, that then becomes, destructive unfaithful.
There was nothing left. My heart felt as if all the heaviness of the sky was pressing it against a hard, indifferent earth, absent of Love.
God! I said, looking for consolation, while my stunned eyes, looked around to what seemed like a war, where all had been lost and finished.

I fell on my knees to the ground , with no strength left and I closed my eyes again. Then, I heard a voice saying: ” The day has not ended, and many more will come, what you just lived, has happened in the lives of many persons, but if you have faith, I will give you, a new life, a new heart, a new sky, that will never pass.”

I, then, opened my eyes and in front of me, in a surprising way, a small seed was sprouting, that tree had germinated. And I understood that the field would be reborn. I believed in the spring hidden in a new earth and new sky that will never pass.
Time went on and on, it was not easy, but that heart went on beating again, the birds, the butterflies returned and a new world more beautiful than the previous one, began. The small brook, was always happy and I thought that I heard a voice saying : ” True Love will never Die.”

-Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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